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Family Rehab & Medical Massage

Family Rehab & Medical Massage was designed to aid in the rehabilitation and relief of damaged or diseased muscles. As a health professional, your health is treated very seriously and we are dedicated to helping you along your path to wellness. We are also prepared to work with clients with special needs and disabilities (autism, muscular dystrophy, migraines, multiple sclerosis, etc.). At this time, we have two highly trained Medical Massage Practitioners on site. Doctor's referrals welcomed.

Located at 1506 Winding Way, Bldg 102, Suite 207, Friendswood, Texas 77546 .

Mike, Founder

About Us

Mike O'Quin, founder of Family Rehab & Medical Massage is a highly trained Medical Massage Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist an Instructor and a Certified Lypossage Therapist. He is also a C.E.U. Provider # CE1511 and NTBCMB Provider # 734 (Call to Schedule Classes in Active Isolated Stretching and Lypossage) Providing C.E.U's for Doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors & Massage Therapists available to set up classes in your city.

His hometown is Sulphur, Louisiana, where he graduated from Sulphur High School in 1970.

He enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1971 and spent 2 tours of duty in Southeast Asia. While there, Mike started learning the trade of muscle work under a Buddhist monk.  He was Honorably Discharged in 1975, and spent eight more years in the Air Force Reserves while working with South Central Bell in Louisiana. 

Heather, Office Manager

Heather Brown, Office Manager at Family Rehab & Medical Massage moved to Texas in 1993 from Phoenix, Arizona. She enjoyed being a stay at home Mom of her 3 children before accepting the offer at Family Rehab & Medical Massage.

Heather now runs the daily administrative business of the office and assists Mike as needed. She is the friendly voice you will hear on the phone and the first smiling face you see when you visit the office. She enjoys working with all of the patients and learning new things that go along with the business.



Current massage techniques: Reflexology • Deep Tissue • Sports Massage • Prenatal, Perinatal, & Postpartum Massage • Chinese Cupping •


Lypossage is a clinically proven treatment that effectively: Detoxifies your body of years of built-up wastes and toxins - making you feel better. • Reshapes your figure without machines, needles, invasive surgery, exercise or dieting.


Active isolated stretching (AIS) accommodates a number of very important considerations. The body is put in the best anatomical position both to maximize an isolated stretch and to warrant safety. You hold each position for only two to three seconds; then you return to the start position and relax.

Products and Therapy

People take or apply cannabidiol and topical analgesics to treat a variety of symptoms. Family Rehab & Medical Massage now offers CBD products and therapy, in addition to topical analgesics products and therapy.

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